Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy

You must make all cancellation and amendment requests using the "Manage My Booking" facility on the ParkCloud website or by emailing ParkCloud on the published email address. If you make a cancellation or amendment request verbally, over the telephone or directly to a Provider, your request will not be actioned. When you make a cancellation request using the "Manage My Booking" facility, your request will be actioned automatically and the cancellation notice period (defined as the time between your booked start date/time and the time ParkCloud is aware of your cancellation) is calculated from the time the cancellation request is made. If you email your cancellation request, it can only be actioned during office hours and the cancellation notice period will be calculated from the moment when ParkCloud actually processes the cancellation request. Customers are therefore advised to carry out cancellation requests using "Manage My Booking".

Please see the following examples where refunds will not be accepted:

  • Onward travel changes (including cancelled flights, cruises, train travel etc.): No Refund. It is your responsibility to remain informed of any onward travel changes and to adjust your timetable accordingly, informing ParkCloud of any relevant changes. ParkCloud will not be held accountable if your onward travel changes (e.g. if your flight, cruise or train is cancelled) and you will not be entitled to a refund.
  • Lack of booking voucher: No Refund. Booking vouchers are sent out automatically by email. Should your booking voucher fail to be delivered, it is your responsibility to contact ParkCloud and ensure you obtain the relevant details.
  • Unused booking (full or partial): No refund is available for unused or partially used bookings.
Parking bookings only:
  • Missed shuttle bus: No Refund. Shuttle bus timetables, where applicable, are available on the ParkCloud website and on booking Vouchers provided. It is your responsibility to be aware of shuttle bus operating hours and any scheduled timetables.
  • Missed Meet & Greet driver: No Refund. It is your responsibility to provide accurate meeting times and to inform the driver of any changes, with adequate notice. Should information about the meeting points not be provided on the ParkCloud website or on your booking voucher, it is the customer’s responsibility to obtain this information from the car park operator.
  • In the event of parking at another car park due to late arrival: No Refund
  • In the event of parking at another car park due to not finding the booked car park: No Refund. Directions are included in all booking vouchers and are readily available from ParkCloud with a valid booking. It is your responsibility to ensure you have your booking voucher and direction details with you when you travel.
  • Non-accepted vehicle type: No Refund. It is your responsibility to find out which vehicle types can be accommodated, either within the specific car park information provided or by contacting ParkCloud.